Professor Tyndall, wandering through the higher Alpine pastures in summer of 1879, was surprised to find at evening lovely flowers in full bloom where in the morning he had seen only a wide thin sheet of snow. Unable to believe that a few hours of sunshine had drawn these exquisite flowers to full bloom, he scraped away the snow from a few inches of pasture and examined the plants growing beneath it.

He found that the powers of life had been with them even while they seemed wrapped in death; that the sun had reached them through the snow; that the snow itself had both held down the rising warmth of the earth upon them, and sheltered them from the cold biting winds which otherwise might have destroyed them.

There they stood, each full grown, every flower fully developed, though the green calyx was carefully folded over the delicately coloured petals; and no sooner was the snow removed, no sooner did the rays of the sun touch the green enfolding calyx, than it opened and revealed the perfect beauty it had shrouded and preserved.

And so we shall one day find that God, our Righteous Sun, has been with us even during the winter of our misery and self-discontent, all through the hours of apparent failure and helplessness, quickening in us a life of which we gave but little sign, maturing and making us perfect by the things we suffered; so that when the hindering veils are withdrawn, and the full light of His love shines upon us, at that gracious touch we too may disclose a beauty of which we had not dreamed, and of which for long we gave no promise.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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