Ever since Ninjuns got into the Online Poetry Sites
They’ve ruined the joy of poetry for me.
They are such a plague.
Hordes of them
Who can’t speak English.
They know nothing of rhyme.
Their grammar is awful,
Their spelling a crime.
Things have gotten from bad to worse!
That’s how Poetella got hit with a terrible curse.

From which it still hasn’t recovered, it’s now a slum.
The really good poets have gone away,
And the whole site is so bleak and humdrum.
It’s like Brixton or Peckham, or, worse still, Tottenham.
(I am talking of London, dear chum.)

When they moved into Parc Ex in the heart of Montreal,
It was still a decent place, an upscale site:
You could have a decent chat, cultured conversation;
Coffee and cake; there was still some class.
But ever since the Ninjuns got into the neighbourhood,
Parc Ex is a ghetto where nothing is good.
And things have gotten from bad to worse.
The area is now ramshackle and sick,
Nobody moves into Parc Ex district.

I’ve nothing against Ninjuns. (Oh, let them be!)
I would rather they gave up po-etry.
Take up drawing or colouring, or plasticine,
Painting, or some other artistry.
But if you ask me to comment on a Ninjun poem
I am going to commit Harakiri.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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