Heb 8.8-12. ‘I will’, ‘I will’, ‘I will’, ‘I will’, ‘I will’, ‘I will’

Lord, let Your ‘I WILL’
Reign over my will,
This defiant will of mine
Which ever seeks its way
And will never deign to say,
‘Your will be done!’

Plant Your law in my mind,
Drill it into my heart,
So I may never stray
Or depart from You,
Saviour, merciful and true,
Bountiful and kind,
Pure as the heavens above;
Illimitable is your love!
(Oh, if only men knew You!)

Let the scalpel of the Cross,
Wounding with deep pain,
Excise the cancerous loss
Caused by lust and greed
(Bleak years of living in vain)
And bring everlasting gain.
O Righteous Sun,
Shine on me
With wings of healing,
And set me free

Corrupt with power,
And fame, and pelf,
Stubborn and dour,
My rebellious Self,
Will not bow its knee
To Your Sovereignty;
Would rather stay outside
In the darkness of pride,
Not come into the light,
Repent, and set things right.

I confess my sin,
The depravity within.
By Your Blood and the Cross
Purge the filth and the dross,
Keep me saved and secure,
Righteous and pure,
That I may stand before You,
Faithful and true,
Without blemish and taint
A New Covenant saint.

May the Spirit, the Lord,
Almighty God,
Bend this stiff-necked will,
Break it!
Besiege the strong citadel,
Take it!

Then with fragrant incense
Let the new life commence.
May this so great salvation start
With the banner of Your love
Waving exultantly above
The sunlit rampart of my heart.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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  1. Kwarteng Clinton says:

    You doing well

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