Notes of Bro Theodore’s Messages on the Second Coming

  1. Intro: Belief affects behaviour; right doctrine > right conduct – Acts 2.42 is doctrine – doctrine of Second Coming is most neglected, most misunderstood; Tit 2.13 – God loves us more than our earthly parents – He keeps our tears in His bottle; He knows every hair on our head; in all our afflictions He is afflicted – He knows each one of us by name
  2. Importance of Second Coming of LJC – Intimations or signs of SC – Incidents or events of SC – we must know the right order of the events of the SC
  3. Two  phases of SC: first, Secret Coming (Rapture) – He comes like a thief, Rev 16.15; unannounced, unknown – to take His people (overcomers); thief takes what is valuable to him – after 7 years (period of GT), He brings the raptured saints with Him to rule on earth – every eye shall see him, Rev 1.7 – like lightning from east to west
  • Events: Rapture – 8 imp things about Rapture – first, be born again and ask God to reveal all these things to us – i. At last trumpet, 1 Cor 15.52 – 3 trumpets: Roman army, 1st trumpet to wake them up; that is the Gospel Trumpet; we are asleep or dead in sin; Rom 13.11 – 2nd trumpet: we must get ready and fall in line – Matt 25.10, they that were ready went in to the feast – it is possible to live a 100% victorious Christian life; thru 4-fold power of Cross, over Satan, over Self, over Flesh (Adamic nature, lust of flesh, etc) and over World – we were all crucified when we were born again – 5-fold Grace: all things possible by His grace – 7-fold power of HS, given to every believer, HS is our inheritance (earnest) – He lives within us to enable us to live victorious life – 3rd trumpet: we march off, 1 Thess 4.17 – only those ready will hear; all believers will not be raptured – two men of God said differently: Bakht Singh and Watchman Nee (also Govett, Panton & Lang) – we are challenged to purify ourselves, 1 Jn 3.2 – keep on purifying, keep on setting right

ii. Two companies of people will be raptured, 1 Thess 4.16: dead in Christ (dead overcomers) and those alive in Christ (living overcomers) – OT saints were church in wilderness; the OT sacrifices pointed to sacrifice of Calvary – in NT, we look back to sacrifice of Calvary – these will be taken up into the air; in a twinkling of an eye they will be changed, glorified, immortal, heavenly bodies (like the body of the Risen Christ)

iii. No defects/blemish: no lame, no blind, no defects, no sugar or BP; all will look like 33 years old (prime of life); our redemption will be completed – five redemptions: a. Redemp from law (like Sabbath); b. Redemp from curse, Gal 3.13 (no curse on you; law brings curse; Malachi ends with curse; but Rev 22 ends with grace & blessing); c. Redemp from all iniquity, Tit 2.14; d. Redemp from vain traditions, 1 Pet 1.18 (auspicious days, high caste/low caste; inclg church traditions); e. Redemp from the body, Rom 8.23; Job 19.26 (inclg all diseases, etc) – HS is earnest of this Redemption. [Fanny Crosby; someone introduced her as ‘poor sister, lost her sight’; she replied, I am not poor F.C. I am more fortunate than you all; the first face I will see when my sight is restored will be the face of LJC]– [3 years ago, in NZ, my wife died, verse on her grave, Job 19.25, 26] – our glorious hope is redemp of the body; I will see God in my ‘fresh new body’

iv. Great confusion on earth – in families, some raptured – there will be plane/train/bus crash – Left Behind series – chaos & fear

v. 1 Thess 4.16; Lord Himself will come – He is not sending angels – shows how much He values us – Isa 43.4 ‘precious in my sight’- most sacrificial person is not mother, but LJC (in the church, everyone is ‘equally precious, equally necessary, equally important’) – in Acts 7.56, the Son of Man was standing up to receive Stephen,  1st martyr on earth

vi. Comes with ‘shout’, 1 Thess 4.16 – He shouted, Jn 11.43, ‘Lazarus, come forth!’ – we will hear our names – we will be like angels; no gender differences.

vi. Rev 16.15: He will come like thief – thief takes precious things – we must be ready always – 1 Cor 13.13 speaks of our faith, our hope, our love – Matt 24.12, last days love will grow cold – in church, love one another – devil tries to rob our faith, hope & love – Luke 18.8, faith will be rare in last days – don’t fear the future; Deut 28.13, we are to be the head, not the tail – 1 Jn 5.4, victory thru faith – 2 Pet 3:3,4 > scoffers mock SC; but don’t lost hope! He is coming soon!

viii. We will reunite with our loved ones (who were overcomers) – [lady, 4 generations no unbelievers in her family; she prayed: I don’t want to be in heaven without my loved ones]

First, Rapture

Second, Judgment Seat of Christ, 2 Cor 5.10 – for believer judgment for sin is over; but JSC or Bema is for rewards to saints for their works – life of negligence vs life of diligence – make the most of yr time – all believers EN, EI & EP in church – hence LT is in midst – but all believers will not be equal after JSC – diff glories given acc to our work for Lord. 1 Cor 15.41 –

Five kinds of crowns – diadem (only one crown on head) –  but this crown is stephanos (laurel), given to those victorious in races, contests, etc – i. 1 Cor 9.25, Crown of incorruption – for those with self-control; control tongue, eyes, body, etc (control lusts & desires) – ii. Crown of rejoicing, 1 Thess 2.19, for soul-winners – great joy in soul-winning – [my friends, saved by me after I was saved] – God needs us, He needs us as His feet, hands, mouth, etc – He wants a body to be used – our approach shd be: ‘beggar meeting another beggar and telling him about the place to satisfy hunger’ (bringing people to church to hear gospel) – God can never use a dirty vessel – keep yrself holy – those going to commit suicide, were given Bible verses, and were saved – Dan 12.3, soul-winners will shine like stars – iii. Crown of rtness, 2 Tim 4.8 – for those waiting for His coming, those who have done His will, obeyed Him, kept the faith – doing God’s will even in daily practical matters – iv. Crown of life, Jas 1.12, Rev 2.10 – for those who endure – (French girl said, No! No! – was thrown into jail and killed – that jail room still has the presence of God – Resiste!) – Rev 2.10 > faithfulness to Lord, ffness to parents, ffness to husband/wife – home life very imp – ffness in service – ffness in ministry: as watchmen, we warn wicked – Ezekiel: ffness in money – ffness in studies – Be diligent – He who is diligent will stand before kings! Prov 22:29– v. Crown of glory, 1 Pet 5.4 – washing compound, doing menial works in HG, shepherds looking after flock; leading by example; being a servant

Third event, Marriage of Lamb, Rev 19.7,8 – those raptured will always be with the Lord; intimacy, longevity – wedding garment, rtness of saints or righteous works of saints – garment of salvation, Isa 61.10, robe of rtness is rtness of LJC – by His grace, we have imputed rtness; we are justified – God looks at us, accepts us thru His Son – but this rtness/salvation must be worked out so that others may see it – hence Phil 2.12, work out yr salvation – rtness received from LJC, let it be worked out so that others can see Christ in us and in our life – Don’t look at others in church; look at LJC alone – Ask yourself this question: WWJD? – many times pray, claim His patience, His humility, His love – be willing to take last place – Flesh says, ‘Assert yrself’; HS says, ‘Humble yrself’

No one loves us so much as God – He made us in His image – He gave us dominion – He desires intimacy, close fellowship – God shared all things with man; He wanted man to share His glory, share His dominion over the universe; and enjoy His presence.

LJC had to leave His glory, 2 Cor 9.8; He offered himself as a sacrifice, to bring man back to God –

Benefit of First Coming: Salvation; He shed His blood and gave His Spirit for our justification, sanctification and glorification.

Glorious Appearing, Tit 2.13: 3 things (i) Glorious Gospel, 2 Cor 4.4; (ii) Glorious Church, Eph 5.27; (iii) Glorious Appearing, Tit 2.13

Importance of Second Coming (SC): all people born into this world have dead spirit, darkened soul and defiled body – God had to send His Son to redeem man; He became poor for our sakes, 2 Cor 9.8 – He died a shameful death on cross; gospel: Rom 5.8 – He stands at door & knocks, Rev 3.20

Salvation > Sanctification > Preparation, going on to growth, being ‘ready’ – if we are humble, He will teach us

  1. Secret Coming, Rev 16.15
  2. Public Coming, Rev 1.7 – He will come back after 7 years (time of Great Tribulation)
  3. Rapture – dead saints, overcoming saints, glorious body – 8 things in Rapture
  4. JSC – Judgment Seat of Christ – reward acc to our works, Mal 3.18 – we are saved to serve the Lord – soul-winning & working in HG – dispensation of Church and dispensation of Millenium (KG)
  5. Marriage of Lamb, Rev 19.8, 9 – clean, bright, white linen = rtness of saints – two kinds of robes: Isa 61.10 – inner garment (garment of salvation, to clothe our nakedness) – after being saved, I have to ‘work out’ and show forth the ‘rtness of saints’, ie show forth LJC practically in our daily life – such overcomers become co-rulers (Bride) with Him in His kingdom
  6. Seven Years of GT – AntiChrist will rule, 3 ½ years he will appear to be friendly, then the next 3 ½ years he will be terrible – Church will not go thru Great Trib – Rev 2 and 3, Church is on earth – but in Rev 4 and 5, Church is in heaven – Rev 6 to 18 (13 chapters) all reveal GT – overcomers will not go thru GT – Don’t live a compromising life – if my eyes and mind are defiled, how can I be raptured? – [in GT, only one way to come to God: by becoming a martyr]
  7. After end of 7 years, Jews given a chance
  8. Public appearing of LJC & saints on Mt of Olives – War with devil and his angels – AntiChrist reigned with help of Beast and False Prophet – Satan cast into abyss for 1000 years – LJC and His Bride (Overcomers) will rule for 1000 years
  9. Millenial Reign, Rev 20.4,6 – Kingdom of heaven on earth – Kingdom of God: found in NT, the rule of LJC in a person, Matt 6.33, Jn 3.5 – kingdom of God is rule of God, His rule in our life, His lordship; hence KG is within you –

Born of water and spirit, Jn 3.5 – two spiritual parents: Word of God and Holy Spirit – HS uses WG to convict us of our sin, then convinces us of our LJC’s sacrifice, then conceives us, we are ‘born again’ – KG is salvation experience, but KH is the 1000 year reign, found only 32 times in Matthew’s gospel, not in the other gospels

Features of KH:

  1. No curse on Nature, Isa 35.1,2 – no curse on beasts, Isa 11:6-8 – no curse on man, those living in Millenium, Isa 65.20 – no war, Micah 4.3 – no famine, Micah 4.4 – Isa 35:8,9: safe highways – only one King, LJC, ruling from Jerusalem – Ps 132.11 – we overcomers will be ruling as His deputies, Rev 3.21 – Mal 1.11 – Isa 2.18, no idols – Isa 11.9 – Isa 2.4 – Ps 91 – apostles would be ruling over Jews; Matt 19.28
  2. Satan will be released after 1000 years, Rev 20.7 – Satan hates human beings – Final rebellion against God – fire falls from heaven, Rev 20:7-10

God made marriage; one man, one woman – no divorce, no remarriage

Gen 12 to Matt 2: period of Law – why God worked differently in different periods? Man is deeply depraved; but God is working patiently

Great White Throne judgment is not for believers, Rev 20:11-15 – Book of Life – Rev 21, New Jerusalem – Rev 21.2,3 – Rev 21.4, no tears, no death, etc – Rev 21.7, overcomers will inherit all things – now New Jerusalem is being built in heaven, Rev 21.19, 20, 21 – all things will be under our feet – no temple in the New Jerusalem; no night, etc – what man lost in Genesis bec of sin and disobedience, God is giving back in full measure – Rev 22.5, Tree of life – we will be reigning forever throughout eternity – He that overcometh will inherit all things!

Five areas: Importance of Second Coming of LJC – already LJC came once in His FC to reclaim fallen man – God’s great purpose is to share His glory with man; but man is ungrateful – LJC is the propitiation for sins of whole world, 1 Jn 2.2 – Prophet, Teacher, Miracle-worker, but above all He is Saviour – Blood shed for forgiveness of sins and to redeem from all bondages – He suffered, died and rose again

God has given man 2000 years to repent – Salvation; Sanctification; Glorification (Rule with LJC for 1000 years)

Bible never lies; it predicts future events – the greatest event in the future is SC of LJC – and then Heavenly Jerusalem

Three things about Prophecies: i. God is author of prophecy, 2 Pet 1.20, 21- men spoke by HS- Ask God to reveal himself to us – we have anointing, 1 Jn 2.27 – Bible has 40 diff authors – pray before you read the Bible

All doctrines in Bible can be understood by a small child – from Gen 1 to Rev 22, Bible has 1189 chapters; whole Bible is about LJC – Jn 5.39, Search Scriptures > all about Me!

Book of Revelation: ch 1.1, Revelation of LJC – ch 1: Glory of Risen Christ – ch 2 & 3: Glory of LJC in the Church – ch 4 & 5: Glory of LJC in the Raptured Church in Heaven – ch 6 to ch 18: Glory of LJC in His judgments – three types of judgments: i. Wrath of man, in 7 seals; ii. Wrath of Satan, in 7 trumpets; iii. Wrath of God, in 7 vials (bowls) – ch 19: Glory of LJC as Bridegroom, to reign w/His Bride – Rev 20.4, 5: Glory of LJC in Millenial Reign – ch 22 & 23: Glory of LJC in Eternity

What time are we living in? Matt 16.3 – we must discern the times!

Reading, hearing, obeying these prophecies > brings us blessings. Rev 1.3; Rev 22.7

Prophecy of SC in OT – from Genesis to Malachi – Doctrine & Practical living – Gen 3.15, FC –

Jude 14: SC, Enoch – NT, 259 chapters, 300 times mentions of SC

3 doctrines: known as mysteries – i. Mystery of Gospel – OT: only Jews; NT: all men – five kinds of Grace – four kinds of power of Cross – 7 enablements of HS (to live a victorious life) – ii. Mystery of Church, Eph 5.32 – Universal church, 7 qualities – Local church, 10 qualities – future reward relates to how we relate to local church – iii. Mystery of S.C. – secret coming, not known to Jews, 1 Cor 15.51 – public coming

Read Bible in Quiet Time – ask God to speak to you – memorize Bible – study Scripture – Book study – Character study

3 mysteries, a.k.a. 3 glorious things – Glorious gospel, 2 Cor 4.4 – Glorious church, Eph 5.27 – Tit 2.13, Glorious coming

Signs: i. Increase of knowledge & travel, Dan 12.4 – ii. Signs in sky and seas; tsunami, Lk 21.25 – (South India, elderly lady, talks on Youtube, said world ending Sep 23, 2017)  – iii. Wars in last days, Matt 24.6 – iv. Famines, Matt 24.7; every day 10,000 die of starvation – India, hunger, so many go without meals daily – v. Earthquake, Lk 21.11 – vi. UFOs being sighted – vii. Fig tree flourishing, Joel; > Israel, estab on 15 May 1948 –

In view of these signs, be saved from death & destruction

Events/Incidents of SC of LJC – God is a God of order – i. Two difficulties – i. Correct order – ii. 12 incidents connected w/1st part of SC; 12 incidents connected w/2nd part of SC – Two phases of SC of LJC: ‘Secret phase’, comes as a thief, Rev 16.15, Rev 3.3 – followed by 7 years of Great Trib – ‘Public phase’, He will come publicly on Mt Olives w/raptured saints

During GT, fear of being caught – [Big Brother, Orwell, 1984]– no other go for believers, except to become martyrs – Rev 4 & 5, HS is also not on earth; He has gone back to heaven, after His warnings in Rev 2 & 3 – God’s patience and mercy have run out.

After 7 yrs of tribulation, thousands will die as martyrs – angels sent with trumpets to gather Jews – Book of Romans: remnant of Jews – Jews have to go thru GT – Matt 24:30, 31 (Zech 12.12) > Jews gathered; they will acknowledge LJC as Saviour and Christ, Isa 25.9

Then LJ comes openly or publicly on Mt Olives – Rev 1.7, ‘all eyes shall see Him’ – F.C., like a thief, Rev 16.15; like Bridegroom coming for His bride – then JSC, Bema (takes place during 7 year period) – GT on the earth, giving last chance to people; martyrdom only option left – Jews given chance to repent – after 7 years, LJC will come w/raptured saints & His mighty angels, Zech 14.4, 5

War with armies of Satan when LJC comes w/His saints, Rev 19:11-21 – False prophet and Beast will be cast into lake of fire, Rev 19.20 – then earth will be cleansed, Satan’s agents will be subdued

Satan is bound for 1000 years in bottomless pit, Rev 20.2,3 – Millenial Age of 1000 yrs – kingdoms of this world become kingdom of God and His saints – God’s original plan is fulfilled – martyrs will also rule w/raptured saints, Rev 20.4

12 differences between Secret Coming and Public Coming –

What will happen during Millenial Reign

(Beware of idols in heart; be fully surrendered to the Lord)

Daniel 9: Daniel speaks of 70 yrs – till Messiah is cut off, 62 weeks – Jerusalem built; Messiah cut off (Calvary) – after salvation is brought in, interval of time (unknown) – last week, 70th week > 7 years of GT (Great Trib)

7 feasts of Jehovah – Passover > Salvation; FUB > Sanctification; Firstfruits – Pentecost: two loaves of bread as wave offering; Jews & Gentiles are the two loaves offered to God – 7th month, Trumpets – from 3rd month to 7th month, there’s nothing – there is a gap in Daniel’s week; there is a gap in the sequence of feasts; this gap is the Church Period – FOTrumpets > Rapture

(Seven precious meditations on Church, in the South Asia Convocation, theme: Habitation of God, 15th to 18th Feb, 2018)

How can I be prepared for His Second Coming? i. Be sure you are saved. (For salvation, come as you are! Just believe! Salvation is only a prayer away – prayer of humility and acceptance) – ii. Start working for God; you are saved to serve the Lord – imp of Prayer life; maintain a prayer diary – greatest ministry is Prayer ministry; greatest need is Prayer warriors (George Muller prayed for 20,000 people; except three, all born again by time of his death, the remaining 3 born again just afterwards); God cannot remain silent without answering our prayer!


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