Psalm 84:11 “For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

HOW God suits Himself to our need! In darkness, He is a Sun; in the sultry noon, a Shield; in our earthly pilgrimage He gives grace; when the morning of heaven breaks, He will give glory.

He suits Himself to every varying circumstance in our life. He becomes what the exigency of each moment requires. And as the psalmist well says, He withholds no good thing from them that walk uprightly.

Learn the art of extracting from God the special form of help of which you stand in need. The Sun is the source of light and life. With impartial beneficence He scatters His sunbeams on palace and cottage, mountain summit and lowland valley. He is ever pouring out His beams. It is our part only to stand in them, or to open casement or door. God is shining, dear heart. Get out of yourself, and let your shivering frame be warmed by the sunshine of His untiring love.

A Shield may be the shadow of a great rock in the scorching desert, or the canopy of a gourd’s growth (as in the case of Jonah). Put God between yourself and the sirocco (hot wind) of temptation. Is the noon with its burning heat too much for you? Take shelter in the Lord God. The heat shall not smite you by day, nor the frost by night.

Do you need Grace? He is full of it. His grace is sufficient. With both hands He will give and give again; only practise the habit of taking. Grace is the bud of which Glory is the flower. If He has given this, He will not withhold that. If you knew the gift of God, you would be sure that the germ of Glory is within you, waiting only for the summer of Eternity to come into perfect beauty.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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