The Prayers of Elisha


The passage from 2 Kings 6:8-12 keeps coming to mind every time I pray. The king of Syria made many plans to attack Israel, but every time his plans failed. The Syrian king asked his servants, “Why is this happening?”  Then one of his servants said, “The prophet Elisha in Israel tells the king of Israel the words you speak in your bedroom”. How did Elisha come to know the evil devices of the Syrian king? It was his prayer life.

I believe that God is speaking about the power of prayer, at least to me. Isn’t it wonderful to have power with God through prayer? So many of us who have gifts and talents want to display them through our preaching and teaching. We want to be ‘seen’. How much better it is to have a ‘hidden’ life in secret prayer. To prevail with God through earnest intercession!

My wife says, “God has given you so much revelation; shouldn’t you share it with others through an online ministry of the word?” I tell her, “God has not given me permission to do so.  I have tasted something far better: to have power in the secret place through prayer!” But, my dear friends, to have power in prayer, one must be totally surrendered to God. Nothing in this world for self, everything for God! Is it possible? It is! But only through the way of the Cross! Oh, that my Christian friends would understand the secret! We have been wasting our time in so many fruitless activities. If only we surrendered everything on the altar of the living God!

I desire to have what Elisha had. To pray and intercede and see the results and rejoice. It is something incredibly sweet to have your prayers and intercessions answered. My preaching and teaching is nothing compared to a life of fervent and disciplined intercessory prayer. Some of you should read the book, “Intercessor” by Rees Howells. Then you would understand what I am talking about!

I am writing this in hurried fashion, because it has to be told!

Jonathan Kirby


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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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