small waterfallThe other day, in family prayer, while we were reading John chapter 4 regarding the woman of Samaria, the Lord brought my attention to the words ‘living water’. And I thought: The Lord is telling me something! So I jotted down a few thoughts on ‘living water’ in my notebook.

The whole issue was this: The woman of Samaria was thirsty for ‘something’ – something deeply spiritual. She came daily to the well, all alone, probably because she was avoided by other women. She was living a dissolute life; she had had five husbands, and was in a live-in relationship with the sixth. How many people are like that Samaritan woman, seeking satisfaction in the flesh and in the world! Unless we are spiritually satisfied at the fountain of living water, Jer 2.13, we will never be satisfied at all. Our spirit will be dry, our soul famished, and our body weary with running here and there.

The Lord said, “If only you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” John 4.10. If only we knew! He is the fountain! Friends, we are living in the desert of this world, wandering around seeking an oasis. I remember when I was young and trekking in the Himalayan foothills, when we were thirsty all we had to do was to find a little hill-spring and fill our canteens with cool, fresh, living water and quench our thirst. Water, the basis of life! Water from the wells of salvation! Drinking from the fountainhead, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Jesus told the woman, “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” John 4.14. May God be merciful to you; may you truly understand the gospel and humble yourself to receive that precious living water from the Heavenly Fountain! In other words, may you be really and truly saved!

But it is not only that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Living Fountain, the passage in John 4 tells us that the Word of God is like living water. We say, “They drank in His words!” When there is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, your words will flow like living water to refresh thirsty souls. How many marvelled at the gracious words that fell from the lips of our Saviour when He was here on earth, Luke 4.22. We have the expression, ‘The washing of the water of the Word’, Eph 5.26. And John 15.2 tells us about being ‘cleansed by the Word’. Reader, are you daily feeding on the Word of God? Are you in the habit of reading God’s Word upon your knees in your Quiet Time? Have you read the Bible through at least once? Get a good translation (like NKJV, NASB, NLT, ESV or the Amplified) and start reading now! Have your thirst quenched by the living words of Holy Scripture!  I once used to read a lot of books, good classical stuff, but now neither Jane Austen nor  Anthony Trollope satisfy me anymore. I do appreciate good poetry occasionally, but no, no more novels, not even short stories! My days with English Literature are past, finis.

I must interject here: The woman was saved, not by any miracle, but simply by the words that came from the lips of our Divine Saviour. Miracles don’t save you; you are saved by the incorruptible Word of God! How few committed themselves to Christ though He performed so many signs and miracles when He was here on earth! (The Charismatics have gone amiss on this count!)

But there is a third aspect of ‘living water’ – apart from the Lord Jesus Christ being the Source, and the Word of God being the means. How do we receive ‘living water’? Sometimes by listening to an evangelical sermon in church or sometimes by reading the Gospel of John or even by being impacted by a single Bible verse! But, do you know that anointed servants of God, spiritual men and women of God, can be vessels of living water? (Read John 7.37, 38).  I was profoundly impacted by spiritual mothers when I first came to church. Why, I do believe that the kindness of a loving Christian wife in sending me chicken soup when I was sick – in a continued act of kindness – drew me into the kingdom of God. It’s not your sermons, my friend, but it is the acts of kindness and love that have a  tremendous impact in the salvation of souls. Jesus transformed water into wine. The best wine, drawn from a vessel of living water, is compassion and love from a servant of Christ. If you are willing to pay the price, then ‘out of you’, my friend, can flow ‘rivers of living water’.






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