How God Saved The Senguele – Part 2

angola forest-road

Arrival of the Senguele

Preparations for the tent meeting had been going on all year. Much prayer had been given by the missionaries and the native Christians. John had finished putting up the large white tent and was sitting watching the natives come from their various villages. Groups were singing as they entered the camp area. When they arrived, they dropped their heavy loads and began building their booths where they would sleep each night.

A stream of people coming slowly down a path off to his right caught John’s attention. For a while they were hidden from his sight by bushes along the edge of the camp. Suddenly people began dropping what they were doing and fleeing, yelling out a warning, “Senguele!” The group he had been watching emerged from the bushes, and at the lead was his friend Niku! Niku was calling to the other tribesmen as he walked in with the tribe saying the Senguele were there for peace and not war.

Having arrived, the weary Senguele dropped their loads and fell to the ground headlong trying to get the weight off of their swollen and bleeding feet. The other tribesmen did not know what to think of the situation, but soon one of those watching called for water to be brought. Those whom the Senguele had fought for years now ministered to them by giving them drink and then pouring water upon their wounded feet.

Food was brought to them, but it was refused. One of the Senguele explained, that as they were coming down the hill, they could see the others building booths and could hear them singing. They also could see the big white tent. Once they crossed the stream to this side, their feet told them that they were on holy ground. They decided then that no one would eat until he had found Jesus in his heart. As “The Senguele never turns back,” they could not eat yet, and the others understood.

Meeting the Friend of Sinners

The next day the Senguele had recuperated to where they could join in the meetings. On the third day, John talked about Jesus, the Friend of sinners. He then asked if there was any who wanted to come and find this Friend. No one stirred. There was not even a whisper. The camp leaders were in silent prayer. Then the Senguele stood and began to come forward. John recalls, “The moment the tribe of savage warriors started for the altar I think their Friend and Redeemer started from heaven to meet them at the altar…for as soon as the Sengueles were on their feet a deep conviction fell on the whole crowd of people such as we have witnessed nowhere. When the other tribesmen saw their old-time enemies start for the altar of prayer they broke down and wept like children.” Other unsaved people convicted of their sin came and joined the Senguele at the altar. It is estimated that close to five hundred gathered at the altar – the educated, the civilized kneeling next to savages, all praying in their own dialects to the One who could save them from their sin.

The whole group remained in prayer for two hours. John stepped aside and let the Holy Spirit deal with them. From here and there one could hear people singing or giving testimony of what Christ had done for them. One of the Senguele leaders opened his eyes and looked at John and then around the tent. His eyes got bigger and bigger. Then he jumped to his feet and shouted out, “Jesus has come, Jesus has come! Senguele is all clean now!” The whole tribe joined him jumping to their feet and shouting that the Senguele were now clean!

A New Chapter for the Senguele

As the tent meeting came to an end and people were heading back home, one could hear singing, testifying and praising God from all directions. The Senguele were the last to leave. Coming to John they shared, “Jesus has come into our hearts and we the Senguele are now clean, there is no more war in us, all hatred is gone and we belong to God. We want to thank you for sending Niku to bring the words of Life.”

John further notes in his book, “On their way home, at every path they crossed they divided and went out into the villages to tell the other tribesmen what Jesus had done for the Sengueles, and to assure them that there was no more war left in their hearts. They testified, sang and shouted their way back to their own country, telling everyone they met of the power of Christ to make a Senguele clean.”


(Taken from Herald of His Coming magazine, October 2018)

(Pl read more such wonderful accounts of God’s continuing miracles in the world through his devoted servants. Read the very powerful magazine ‘Herald of His Coming, which is freely distributed on request to those who seek to know the Lord more fully.)

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