“Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people (Psa. 96:3)”.

You will find that when you try to be true and faithful and loyal to God, people who do not know God will hate you and ridicule you. Just because you do not want to tell lies and take bribes as they do, they will become your enemies. Because you do not want to take part in their worldly pleasures they will make fun of you. If you remain faithful to the Lord and trust Him alone, the very same persons who contended with you, reviling and injuring you, will come bowing at your feet and will apologise to you and say that God is with you (Isaiah 51:1,2,7,8; 49:25,26).

King Abimelech and his men tried to take away everything from Isaac, but he bore it very patiently. God spoke to him not to get involved in dealings of strife and hatred with them. He had many servants with him, but he refused to strive with Abimelech. The Lord brought Isaac to Rehoboth. Then Abimelech and his men came to Isaac to apologise and make peace with him. Isaac said to him, “Why do you come to me now, seeing you hated me and sent me away from you?” He replied, “We saw certainly that the LORD was with you” (Gen. 26:26-28).

In the same way we also have to declare our salvation. The heathen may try to revile and reproach us, but we should not take any notice. We refuse to use any worldly weapon. For a time we might have to suffer earthly loss, but one day the very same people will come to us and say, “Certainly, we have seen that the Lord is with you?.

We have proved the faithfulness of God in our lives, how able He is to help us in our needs. There were times when no man could help us and then the Lord Himself came to our aid and solved all our difficulties. Thus He has given us a new song. Those who have no new song will murmur wherever they go; they will find fault with everyone and everything; they will carry tales and spread scandal wherever they go. But those who have the new song will go on declaring God’s glory to the heathen and His wonders among all people. Has God given you that new song? Are you singing that new song everyday? Are you showing your neighbours His wonderful works?


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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