God has made it very clear from His Word that He is a holy God, He is a righteous God and He is a God who will surely punish the wicked. I was reading the Book of Zechariah this morning, and in chapter 5 I read about the flying scroll. It tells about the curse that comes upon thieves and perjurers among God’s people. Are we robbing God of His money, His time, the service due to Him? Are we making promises and resolutions and failing to keep them? Who is a thief, but the one who steals from God? You owe Him your worship, your service, your life itself. Who is a perjurer or one who swears falsely by His name, Zech 5.4? Are we promising to live for the Lord and yet only living to please ourselves?

The curse in Zech 5.4 is terrible. There is a day of judgment; the sinners in Zion shall tremble and be afraid. I am sorry to say that the overwhelming majority of so-called Christians on Facebook (and Twitter) are wishy-washy wimps; they don’t read or study the Bible and they don’t live by the Word of God. I feel ashamed when I see the superficial and carnal and worldly posts and tweets put up by them. They are giving Christ a bad name. Better they don’t call themselves Christians! Why, even a Muslim has greater fear of his god than a Christian has for the true and living God.

Today’s Christians (and many of them are my FB friends!) should be ashamed of themselves for living such shallow and stupid lives. They are robbing God of His time by wasting their life in idle and trivial discussions. They say they are followers of Christ, but they will not deny themselves and carry their cross and follow Him (Matt 16.24, Luke 9.23).

The vision of the flying scroll is a warning to those who are complacent and indifferent to God, even while calling themselves Christians and professing to follow Christ. God’s judgment will surely fall on the bulk of Christians on Facebook. I am sure of that.

You may ask, “Then why are you here on FB?” I am here to warn you that God’s curse will enter the house of the (Christian) thief and the house of the (Christian) perjurer (one who swears falsely by HIs name), and that curse will remain in the midst of his house and consume it with its timber and stones. How terrible!



About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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