These three words keep coming up in my mind often these days, during my preaching and teaching of the Bible. They are practical words; I mean you learn the meaning and value of these words through experience.

Holiness. Without holiness, no man shall see God, Heb 12.14. Are we living a holy life? What is holiness? The root meaning is separation. Are we living a life that is separated from the world. Are we free from sinning? Are we prone to habitual sins? Does your conscience prick you when you do wrong? Only by living a pure and holy life can you feel the presence of God. That means no distractions; your entire life is consecrated to the Lord. We live to serve Him, not ourselves or the world.

Obedience. Are we reading the Bible just for information? Head knowledge will not help. We have to obey God’s Word. How are we in the matter of giving? God hates selfishness. Do we give to the work of God, especially in those areas where Christians are persecuted? Do we help the poor believers? How are we spending our time? When the Holy Spirit reminds you of something to be done, do we respond immediately? I have found that when I obey the Lord, the Bible opens up for me; God speaks to me in a new way!

Humility. Perhaps this is the hardest word of all. When our pride is hurt, do we nurse grievances or bitterness towards anyone? Are we keeping ourselves at the foot of the Cross? How easy it is to get puffed up! We actually take pride in our holiness and obedience! No! We must realize how weak and foolish we are. Every minute we are dependent on the Lord for His grace and wisdom. We have no right to criticize our fellow-brethren. Every child of God is precious in God’s sight. Only a truly humble person can love with God’s love.

I have learnt the value of these three words through bitter experience. There are another three words – Consecration, Mortification and Intercession – about which I will talk another time.

God bless you.



About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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