One great man of God gave us seven points about the Cross. I think we need to understand what he said. First, Christ died for my sins, to deliver me from judgment and the condemnation of sin. I think we all understand this. Christ died for our sins. He bore the punishment for our sins. What you see on the Cross is the terrible penalty for sin. Christ by His death delivered us from the penalty of sin.
Secondly, He died that I may die to my wretched sinful nature. What does this mean? Romans 6 says that when Christ died, we died with Him. Our old man was crucified with Him. The old man speaks of our sinful nature, the sinful self, the old self – otherwise known as the flesh. When Christ died, I died with Him on the Cross. Paul says, “I am crucified with Christ.” My sinful nature went to the Cross; I now have a new nature; I am partakers of the divine nature. Yes, even as a believer, my sinful nature shows up (often I do ‘walk in the flesh’!), but in the eyes of God it is ‘crucified’. We have to treat it so, as God says. Hence the need to exercise faith! We have to mortify the deeds of the flesh, Rom 8.13. Gal 5.24 says that we have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.
Thirdly, when Christ died He died to the world and its deception. What does this mean. Paul says that we are crucified to the world and the world has been crucified to us, Gal 6.14. The cross has taken us out of this wicked and deceptive world. We are no longer attracted by the world, its customs and fashions and philosophies. We belong to heaven.
Fourthly, the man of God says Christ on the cross put an end to the old creation. He goes on to say that when the Creator (the Lord Jesus Christ) died, He put an end to the old creation. I think we need to understand a verse here: 2 Cor 5.14. It says that “If One died for all, then all died.” What does that mean? The Creator died on the Cross and He took the old creation to death with Him. The entire race of Adam died with Him through His death on the Cross.
Fifthly, He died to become my living bread. We are reminded of this at the Lord’s Table. Christ is our food and drink; hence we break the bread and drink the cup. We feed on Christ continually – in a spiritual way. We need revelation; remember, it says ‘Their eyes were opened in the breaking of the bread (at Emmaus)’ Luke 24.
Sixthly, He died to make us one body and one family. Just as Eve was taken out of Adam (when he was in a deep sleep), so also the Church was born out of Christ (through His death on the Cross). We remember the Lord’s death at the time of the Lord’s Table. We gather around the Lord’s Table as one spiritual family having a great Heavenly Father, God Himself.
Seventhly, He died to make us entirely new like Himself. 2 Cor 5.17 says that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; all things have become new. We receive new life (eternal life, divine life) from Christ through His sacrifice on Calvary’s cross. We now have the Risen Christ Himself living in us through the Holy Spirit. Read 2 Cor 5.16, where Paul says we no longer know Christ after the flesh; as born again believers we know Him through the Spirit. Many Christians talk about the earthly Christ (his life in Palestine); such Christians are not indwelt by the Spirit. The Spirit makes all things new: we are born again (anew); we receive a new life; we have a new walk; and the song of worship we sing is a new song. Truly it is all newness of life, Rom 6.4.
Alas, the tragedy is that so many Christians do not understand these seven points of the Cross. They do not realize that a life of faith is a life that is lived in the Spirit. I pray that truly born again believers will understand what I am saying, because it is entirely based on God’s Word and not upon the defective and shallow wisdom of supposedly Christian men.

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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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