The other day I happened to look into some old video clips of The Simpsons. I remember my teenage son watching this cartoon series many years ago, and when I first saw the cartoon I was a bit shocked by the vulgarity in those video clips. But the cartoon series was considered to be ‘biting social satire’ and was appreciated for its wacky and boisterous humour, and I too was drawn into watching the series now and then (very rarely).

But over the years, the Spirit of God has been doing his work in me, and when I happened to see a few video clips on YouTube the other day I felt disappointed and disgusted. I believe this was a ‘spiritual reaction’. I felt that I was watching something that was quite filthy, amoral and ‘lawless’ – and the Spirit of God was clearly ‘grieved’ within me. The whole cartoon series appeared drab and tasteless in retrospect. (I have had this ‘reaction’ while viewing other comedy TV shows, including late night talk shows.) I notice that jokes too are becoming openly vulgar and nauseating. Real wit and humour have disappeared, and dirty jokes, double entendres and smut have become the fashion.

The Spirit of God works deep within our soul. Our thought life is being renewed (Rom 12.2; Phil 4.8), and our desires and affections are becoming more pure and spiritual. Our sensibilities are becoming ‘refined’. We cannot tolerate the vulgar, the obscene, the dirt and scum of fleshly, godless, Satanic minds and hearts. Even our imagination becomes sanctified, when the Spirit of God is allowed to do his deep work within us. Yes, we are being weaned away from the world and all its lusts. We are becoming more spiritual, more heavenly, as the light of God enters into us dispelling the darkness – as the Spirit of holiness refines and purifies us.






About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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