syrian boy

(Lines written after seeing the photo of the body of a little Syrian boy washed up on the beach of Bodrum, a Turkish resort town, as the family were trying to escape by boat to Greece. Tragedy of the 5 year Syrian Civil War. 3rd/10th September 2015)

The little boy
(A Kurdish toddler
In red shirt and blue shorts)
Washed up on the beach
Of Bodrum, a Turkish resort,
Far away from home.
The sea weeps over his lifeless body,
Washing him with her foam.

He is wearing little shoes,
With velcro straps (one strap loose);
He is lying there, face
Half-buried in the sand.
And the Aegean washes over his body
In gentle surges,
Caressing him with her doleful,
Grieving hand.

My eyes well up with tears;
The image hurts.
The tragedy of the Syrian war, between
Sunni Arabs, Shiites and repressed Kurds!
A quarter of a million dead,
Four millions fled;
Hideous devastation
Through a hoary, ancient nation.

The tide of refugees is swelling,
Its waves rushing in,
Tearing through Europe’s coasts
And borders with barbed wire fence.
(It’s a Muslim invasion,
The Hungarians sense.)
Countries in panic shut their doors;
They cry out, “We can take no more!”
…But Germany,
Embraces these poor, tormented souls.

O mothers of the world,
I mourn with you!
I weep for the tragic loss
Of this innocent victim of desperate straits.
My long-complacent, uncaring heart
Is torn apart.
My soul aches.

The little boy hides his face;
But will humanity hide its shame?
Callous nations close their eyes,
Wash their hands off,
Pass on the blame!
Oh, this is such a huge disgrace!
I see humanity condemned to the hilt.
The dead child points to collective guilt.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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  1. Sivu Ntabeni says:

    Oh My Jesus,i so weep to see this…my heart broke when i saw this,i could not believe this…

    Oh Syria …Oh No ..He is so young ,a child…

    Its so unfair,This world is not fair…Lord be with these families…

    I am so speechless..

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