I wrote bit.ly/rebgod and later on put up bit.ly/rnthomo3 (strong piece) regarding the heinous sin of homosexuality. One silly (pseudochristian) woman was trying to argue with me, saying that I should not condemn homosexuals and their homosexual perversions. Her argument was that I too sinned daily – by telling lies, showing anger, cheating, etc. Sin is sin, she said.

But did she know her Bible? Like most ‘christian’ women on Facebook, she was ignorant of God’s truth. Thomas Watson, the great Puritan, tells us there are degrees of sin. Our Lord Jesus says clearly that Judas Iscariot’s sin was the ‘greater sin’, John 19.11. As some diseases are worse than others, and some poisons more venomous, so some sins are heinous. Some sins are pardonable, and some unpardonable – like sinning against the Holy Spirit. Some sins will receive greater ‘damnation’, Matt 23.14. All sins are heinous in the eyes of a Most Holy God, but some sins are more bloody and black.

Do you think Pilate’s sin was not heinous? He sinned against his own convictions; he sinned against his wife’s pleas. He gave up Christ to the will of the murderous mob. (We read later that he and Herod became friends.) Political expediency at its worst! It was a heinous sin, and history says he committed suicide.

There is sinning ignorantly and sinning deliberately. So where do same-sex marriages and gay pride processions stand? They are deliberate defiance of the Most Holy God. Marriage is the institution of God. Same-sex marriages are a rebellion against God! And gay pride processions with all their exhibitions of filth are heinous perversions – deserving of death.

The Bible makes it clear that there are sins and there are abominations. The word ‘sin’ has various meanings such as ‘missing the mark’, disobedience, etc. But the word ‘abomination’ means ‘disgusting, a stench in the nostrils’ – something that God will not tolerate any longer. That’s why wrath descended on Sodom and Gomorrah. And wrath will descend very soon on the sodomites in today’s world. Be sure of that.


P.S. There are liars in the pro-homosexual community who try to compare the perversion of homosexuality with ‘eating shellfish, tonsuring one’s head, wearing clothes of mixed fabrics, etc’. They are Satan’s agents deliberately trying to obfuscate the truth; they try to keep people in darkness regarding their ‘unspeakable perversions’. Nothing can mitigate the heinousness of their crimes.

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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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