Who is God? The human mind simply cannot comprehend Him. He is far too great, this Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent Being. People have tried to imagine what God is like, and they have tried to portray Him in images and idols. That is an insult to God. Can God be reduced to the level of His own creation? Certainly not; He is the Creator God. He created this whole universe. Can man grasp the size of this universe? The number of stars in it? The number of galaxies? He can’t!

Yet puny man presumes to comprehend God. He has created religion for himself. But no religion can truly represent God; neither can human intellect grasp God. God is transcendent; way beyond us. He is the infinite, almighty, awesome God. Philosophers have tried to speculate on God; poets have tried to fathom Him. All have failed. Atheists deny God. Many scientists ignore (or mock) God. But do you think human knowledge can ‘grasp’ God? God laughs at fools who deny Him. He is always there; Ever-Existent, Ever-Present. He sits on the Throne, having all the power and authority. He is the ‘Lord of Hosts’. (That title means every power in the universe is subject to Him, including Satan.)

The heathen have tried to create a fearful God, to be placated by human sacrifice. At the other end of the religious spectrum, we have shallow ‘christians’ who promote an impotent goody-goody goofy Santa Claus God. And then we have the gods of the various religions and cults, many of which are horrible and nauseating. You have the Mohammedan ‘god’ who has so brainwashed people as to make them ‘slaves of Satan’. Not that the wishy-washy effeminate long-haired sentimental ‘Christ’ of so-called ‘christians’ is better. (Remember the ugly, revolting movie, The Passion of Christ, which fascinated fake ‘christians’?) Certainly not!

God comes to us by ‘revelation’. By that I mean, unless God opens our minds and our hearts, we cannot know Him. We come to know God only through One Way, and that Way is the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to reveal God. You read the four gospels in the New Testament and you know Who God is. Shall I tell you what this great revelation of God is? It is the revelation of the GOD OF ALL GRACE. Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ; that’s what John says in chapter 1 verse 17 of his gospel. Yes, Grace; but never at the expense of Truth!

What is GRACE? It’s a very big word, and even those of us who have experienced grace through saving faith do not know its dimensions. God is a forgiving God. He is a holy God, an almighty God, an awesome and terrible God (I mean terrible in the proper Biblical sense; remember Mt Sinai, where Moses himself trembled with fear, Heb 12.21). But He is also the God of Mercy, God of Love, God of Grace. He is a God who forgives. But isn’t He the God of Truth, the God of Holiness, the God of Justice? Yes, He is. So how do Grace and Truth come together in Jesus Christ, John 1.14, 17? They came together at the Cross. You see, God does not want any human being to perish in his sins. God wants everybody to be saved. (But alas, many because of pride and folly refuse to be saved! Shocking, isn’t it?)

Religion admits the need for God. Why? Because man’s conscience troubles him. He tries to find ways to placate or please God – through good works, through piety, through penance, through pilgrimage, through custom and tradition, through belief in creeds, etc. But all man’s efforts fail. Why? Because man needs first to see who God is. You can’t have a vague, nebulous God and think of placating (or pleasing) Him. You cannot be right with God, unless first you know who God is. When man sees who God is – that He is Jesus Christ! – then his spiritual eyes are open and he receives faith. Then he realizes none of his futile efforts can please God; the Lord Jesus Christ has provided a finished work of redemption for him! That is the GRACE of God. But at what price? Oh, the terrible price of the Cross of Calvary, where God (the Son) was separated from God (the Father). Matt 27.46. Can you comprehend that terribly cry? That is the TRUTH of God! That He so loved us that He was prepared to go to ‘hell’ (separation from God) for our sakes!

The great revelation of God has come to mankind through Jesus Christ. Yes, God walked upon this earth 2000 years ago! He came in the flesh. He was born of the virgin Mary. (But remember, it is an abomination to worship Mary, as the Roman Catholics do!) He lived for 33+ years on this earth, in the region called Palestine. He went about preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, healing and doing good. (Ponder over all His miracles, all His acts of mercy and love, His words of truth. Every word and deed of His has eternal significance; it will take eternity to understand His love and truth.) He had no sin in Him; He was sinless, pure, spotless, incorruptible. He was the Holy God. He was hated by many; they hated His walk of truth. He spoke truth, He lived truth. He was the Truth personified, John 14.6. (And yet, at the same time, He was the embodiment of Grace. John 1.14, 17.)

But I am digressing. The great revelation of God is that He came in the flesh as Jesus Christ and died for our sins on the cruel Cross, shedding His blood for the remission of our sins. You cannot be right with God – except through believing that you are a sinner (by birth, by word and deed, and by ‘choice’) and that your sins are washed/purged only by the shed Blood of Jesus! The Lord Jesus Christ took all our sins upon Himself (all the sin of the Adamic race) and bore the punishment of death on our behalf. (Yes, the wages of sin is death, Rom 6.23). But if we believe in Him – that He died for my sins, He was buried for me, and He rose again for me;  if I believe in His death, burial and resurrection – that His sacrifice on Calvary provides atonement for all my sins – then I am forgiven, and I am saved. By ‘saved’ I mean I am redeemed from sin, Satan, death and hell; a part of God’s great salvation. And I receive the Holy Spirit who comes and dwells in my purged spirit (in my cleansed heart, if you wish). (Please note: Receiving Christ has to come with Holy Spirit conviction. It is not the soulish emotional hoo-ha that many evangelicals and charismatics make it out to be! That’s where the majority of ‘christians’ are deceived!)

But it doesn’t end there. Being forgiven is just the beginning. We need to understand a deeper truth – that the Lord Jesus Christ in His death took the whole Adamic race into death and the grave with Him. But when He rose again, it was as a New Man, the Head of a new race. Adam has no hope; he is buried in the grave, never to rise again. But when I identify myself in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – and testify to that fact in the waters of baptism (immersion baptism; not sprinkling, pouring, etc), then I come to understand a new truth. What is that? “I have died with Christ; I am buried with Christ; I have risen again with Christ.” (All that is explained in Romans 6, a forgotten chapter for most Christians). But when I rise again (with resurrection life, eternal life), it is not as the old Adam. The old Adam is crucified; dead, buried, gone. Now it is the New Man. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation!” 2 Cor 5.17. And as I progress spiritually, I come to understand “Christ is my Life!” Col 3.4, Phil 1.21, Gal 2.20.

But coming back to the point of God revealing Himself through Jesus Christ. God is Jesus Christ. We have the mystery of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three Persons in One. (Don’t break your head over trying to comprehend it.) Just keep reading the Bible and believe it 100%. Be strong in God’s Word. Beware of Sabbath cults, Jewish/Hebrew cults, Calvinistic cults. Beware of all -isms, such as Arminianism, Calvinism, Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism. Beware of the crazy Charismatics who insult the Holy Spirit! Just say, “I am a sinner by birth, I lived in sin. There was no hope for me. But God sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins on Calvary’s Cross. I believe He died for me. I believe in the power of His precious Blood. I believe He is my Saviour. And yes, since I have received Him as my Saviour – and my Lord – I am now ‘in Christ’, I am now in the great family of God’s born-again children, the Church of God. I live by the Word of God (Matt 4.4), I am led by the Spirit of God (Rom 8.14). I have tasted both the grace and the glory of God. And I know that God is faithful and true. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is my God, my Lord, my Saviour, my Shepherd, my King. I worship Him. And I will serve Him!”

Don’t remain a baby Christian. Grow in grace and in knowledge (both sound doctrine and experiential knowledge), 2 Pet 3.18. Turn your back on the world, because you are a pilgrim and stranger on this earth, Heb 11.13. And remember, you must be holy as God is holy, 1 Pet 1.15. Be humble and willing to learn – to walk in truth, to walk with Him and ‘before Him’ (Gen 17.1). Many are obstinate and shallow; they are half-baked, purblind ‘christians’ who don’t progress. Like the Israelites of old, they perish in the wilderness of this wicked world. But the faithful few (the godly remnant) will reach their destination. (There is more to explain in the matter of ‘inheritance’, but there is no space here.)

God has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour of the World. He saves by His grace. His grace is seen on the Cross; there He bore the punishment for my sin. There He was forsaken by God, so that I would never be forsaken. I believe in salvation by grace through faith, Eph 2.8. But I must run the race with endurance in order to win the prize. (I am quoting the words of St Paul! Heb 12.1; 1 Cor 9.24; Phil 3.14)

We may be saved by the skin of our teeth. We may be saved and yet lose our reward. But the goal of God’s great salvation is that we may progress from grace to glory – obtain that wonderful glory seen in the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ (Revelation 21). Will all be part of the Bride? I don’t think so. Only overcomers will reach that ultimate destination. The rest, though saved, will feel sorry that they did not strive to follow Christ ‘all the way’. They failed to make good use of the opportunities given to them, Eph 5.16. They fell short of the grace of God. They will be in heaven, but they will have a deep sense of regret that they missed the ‘reward’! (1 Cor 9.24-27).

Are you willing to be a part of a faithful, Christ-honoring, Bible-believing, humble, holy, honest, hidden remnant? (Don’t be offended because I have criticized the ‘isms’, the various branches in the monstrous tree of Christianity! (Matt 13.32). Have that simple and pure and practical devotion to Christ that Paul speaks of in 2 Cor 11.3. (If you are a person too lazy to read the Bible again and again, you won’t understand what I am saying. And when I say ‘again and again’, I mean many, many, many times- from Genesis to Revelation!) Do you understand what I am saying, dear reader? There is a price to be paid if you want to enjoy the ultimate glory of the Bride of Christ, the Heavenly Jerusalem! (2 Tim 2.12a KJV; also Phil 1.29).


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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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  1. Becca Smith says:

    It could not be told any better by scripture I am a believer and Jesus is always with me Faithfully Glory be to Godl I grab every opportunity to share the word of God Thank you I loved this Truth

  2. kathyinmo says:

    I am enjoying your articles immensely. Thank you.

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