Through His sacrifice on the Cross,
where He bore the wrath of God against sin,
Christ accomplished the redemption
of all mankind, and the universe itself.
Such a great redemption.
Such a perfect sacrifice.
His incorruptible blood poured out
For every person on earth.

We are all redeemed by the blood,
but we obtain the forgiveness of sins
by believing in that sacrifice,
by receiving Christ as our personal Saviour,
the One who is Redeemer and Regnant Lord.
“For by faith are ye saved, through grace;
it is the gift of God.”
The gift has to be received
with a humble thankful heart.
It can be spurned through folly and pride.

Sin is being independent of God.
We have all gone our own way.
Christ through the finished work of the Cross
has brought us back to God,
blotting out all our sins,
granting us eternal life,
and the prospect of sitting on His Throne,
governing the universe with God.
We are saved by faith, saved by grace,
but the Throne is a reward
for good works, for patient endurance
and loyal service to the Lord.

Many Christians seem to think
that being saved is a ticket to heaven;
that God is a senile Santa Claus
showering gifts to gratify sensual hearts.
But we are saved in order to serve the Lord.
Don’t believe a false gospel.
Faith demands total surrender.
We consecrate our lives to serving the Lord.
We are disciples of Christ and servants of God.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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  1. Hendry Paul says:

    Brother it’s true That the Redeemed us from the wrath of Satan by giving us the fruits of Calvary,Br ,My Younger Son is Speechless due to ADH I Pray and seek Pray from people Like You and else ,believing that Lord Hears my plight Shows some Mercy and Compassion to my Son,and Consider the Heir of the Fruits of Calvary……Hendry Paul

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