“And they sat down in ranks, by hundreds, and by fifties.” Mark 6:40

In Matthew 14:19 there is divine order. “And He commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass.”   It is not a simple job to serve food to a multitude. They all flock to one person and say, “Give me first.”  It was not easy to control such a great and hungry multitude, of 5000 men and an equal number of women and children besides. So the Lord commanded that they had to sit down in order.

We cannot do the work of God without divine order. People, by nature, do not like divine order. They rebel against God’s Word, but servants of God have to ensure that divine order is maintained  in the House of God. If we want hungry people to be fed, and to be satisfied through our labour and ministry, we must follow divine order. Let us not rebel against God’s order. God is the God of order, and we must learn to work in divine order and cooperate with one another so that divine order is maintained. The simple secret of maintaining divine order in the House of God is that we show reverence and respect for the House of God. If we have learned how to enter into the House of God, how to kneel in God’s presence and show reverence, then we can learn divine order. Often church leaders find it difficult to control young people even in an ordinary Sunday gathering. Those who do not follow divine order seek to bring in man’s order everywhere. But God’s servants must learn how to bring in God’s order and when divine order is maintained, those who love God will not rebel against it. It is only when the Lord’s order is maintained that the Lord blesses the ministry.

From Matthew 14:21 it appears that the men sat on one side and the women and children on the other side. Because it is said that the men were about 5000 in number. God has an order for family life, for church life, and for weekly and Sunday gatherings. When divine order is maintained, there is an opportunity for God to bless. Our Lord looked up to heaven and blessed the bread and broke it. Unless things are blessed by God, they cannot satisfy. God blesses whenever you claim that blessing.

“When He had taken the five loaves and the two fishes, He looked up to heaven, blessed and broke the loaves…” Mark 6:41

Almost all Christians have the habit of saying grace before they have food, but though they claim God’s blessings, they often do not believe God has blessed the food, because they seem to get much more joy in mutton than in dhal (pulses). If you believe the Lord has blessed your food, you will get equal joy in any kind of food. Instead, how often you scold your wife if there is no mutton or fish or anything else according to your taste. People pray solemnly, “God bless the food”, but have faith that God will do so. I believe from experience, from the time the Lord saved me, that I no longer worry about my food. I do not care what kind of food is given to me; I will never murmur or grumble. I believe from my heart that the Lord blesses the food for me and it becomes good for me, and I can enjoy the food, whatever it may be. And it is quite true that the Lord does bless the food when you ask Him.


From the devotional “A Word in Season to the Weary”.

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