It’s very rare to find a true Christian on Twitter. Here is an incident that happened today.

I noticed that one of my Twitter friends, B., had retweeted an astrological tweet from somebody called Capricorn Horoscope. I could have kept quiet, but my conscience provoked me to send a tweet to B. which said, “A child of God does not believe in horoscopes. In fact God abhors astrology and such dark superstitions.” After some time, I got a reply from B. which said, “I realize that, but I still like to retweet other people’s posts from time to time.”

I thought that a Christian would not retweet a false tweet, based on the superstitious ‘science’ of astrology. God hates horoscopes and other false beliefs of the heathen. I thought that B. was a good Christian and would not mind being corrected. I sent a reply, “We have to obey God in all respects. Horoscopes are the snare of the devil.”

At once I got a reply, “You made your point; now, stop please! I respect my father.” I was a bit surprised that B. reacted so sharply; obviously she was not happy with my speaking the truth. I wondered who her ‘father’ was. I was reminded of John 8.44. There are many Christians who are not born-again at all, who are not indwelt by the Holy Spirit. They dabble in the occult, in spiritualism, in horoscopes, in tarot cards, etc. Most women are fond of such dark and dangerous things.

I noticed that B. immediately unfollowed me. That was sad. There are so many Christians who hate to obey the truth; they simply love to dabble in lies. They were never Christians in the first place.

All that I can do is to pray for them.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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