Text: Hebrews 11:8-10; John 8:56

We are talking about the journey of Abraham; his walk with God. Three times the Bible says he was the friend of God. (2 Chron 20:7, Isaiah 41:8, Jas 2:23). That’s a great title; it means God shared His heart with Abraham. Abraham trusted God, and God trusted Abraham. That’s how Abraham became the father of faith.

The book of Hebrews tells us that Abraham obeyed, Heb 11.8. It was the obedience of faith. Abraham obeyed God. When we talk of faith, let us remember that faith includes obedience. Without obedience, faith is not faith; it is mere mental belief. In his long journey that Abraham made from Babylon to Canaan, and in his wanderings around Canaan, Abraham was learning to know God. Abraham got to know God on Mount Moriah, Gen 22.

God is interested in our heart, 1 Sam 16.7, Prov 4.23. The Christian life, or the life of faith, demands a heart-relationship with God. God seeks a man after His own heart. That’s why He chose David. (Read Acts 13:22).  Abraham and David are very important, because both were men after God’s own heart. That’s why Matt 1:1 says: “Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

In this study, we are learning about Abraham’s spiritual journey, his journey which ended in his coming to know the heart of God. I believe that Abraham came to know the heart of God on Mt Moriah. That’s why our Lord Jesus stated, in John 8.56, that ‘Abraham saw my day, and was glad.” Abraham on Mt Moriah saw that God would be sending His only-begotten Son into this world to die as a sacrifice for our sins; Abraham came to know the Calvary-love of God. His journey on earth ended in him coming into the very heart of God.

In the book of Hebrews, it is stated that Abraham and other heroes of faith were looking for a heavenly country, Heb 11.16. Abraham was looking for a heavenly city, 11.10. What is this heavenly city? It is Zion, the city of God. It is the children of God, being built up as a habitation for God. Zion is the Church, and the Church is the dwelling-place of God. God desires to dwell in the midst of us, and we, the children of God, are being prepared into that heavenly Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ. So the Church, which comprises all born-again believers, is to become the heavenly Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ. In the end, we will enjoy a deep heart-relationship and intimate fellowship with the Lord.

There are ten steps  that Abraham took in his journey towards God. We can call them ten stages or phases in his progress towards God. They are as follows:

  1. Coming out of Babylon (the world), Gen 12.1
  2. Being held up by Terah at Haran. Gen 11 (end)
  3. Separation from Lot, Gen 13.
  4. Overcoming the temptation of the king of Sodom. Gen 14.
  5. Self-preservation; putting Sarah in danger. Gen 12, Gen 20.
  6. Hagar and Ishmael; the fall-out of a ‘legal remedy’, Gen 16.
  7. Tent life. Abraham did not settle down anywhere in Canaan.
  8. Fellowship with God. (Hebron) & Intercession for Sodom. Gen 18.
  9. Covenant at Beersheba. Gen 21.
  10. Coming into the heart of God on Mt Moriah. Gen 22.

We will discuss these ten stages/phases in the next few posts.


(to be continued)

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1 Response to THE JOURNEY OF ABRAHAM – Part 1

  1. hushai says:

    Abraham was like any of us, Gentiles called out of the our lands of Ur by the grace of God.
    His was a fascinating journey of grace, love and sacrifice. Great post!

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