(Read Part 1 first and then read Part 2. Then you will enjoy the entire message. ~JK)

4.     His resurrection is a guarantee of our own resurrection – the resurrection to life of all the blood-bought children of God. The Bible declares that we are united to the Lord Jesus Christ by faith – saving faith (Eph 2:8). In Romans 6, we are said to have died with Him and were buried with Him and we rose again with Him. In Ephesians 2, we are stated to be seated with Him in the heavenly realms. The Bible makes this bold unparalleled statement: “In Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” That means there is no hope for anyone who remains in Adam, since by Adam came death, and all those who belong to the race of Adam (this entire Adamic humanity) will perish one day. They shall DIE. But once we repose faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour who saves us from our sins (Matt 1.21), something wonderful happens within us and we become the children of God (John 1:12). (You will notice in John 1:12 ‘believe’ and ‘receive’ are equated with each other.). What happens? We are born again; that is regeneration. We receive a new life. Our spirits are made alive; we are ‘quickened’ in our spirit, we who were once dead in trespasses and sins (Eph 2:1). We receive resurrection life. We are redeemed in our spirits, and redemption is now taking place in our souls (intellect, emotion, will). Peter refers to this process as the ‘salvation of our souls’. Paul refers to it as ‘the renewing of your mind’ (Rom 12.2). The cross works in us to make us humble and contrite; our Self is slain. As Paul said in 1 Cor 15.31, “I die daily.” We come to know the Risen Christ in a deeper and fuller way. The power of resurrection works in us (Phil 3.10) and we are transformed from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18). The light first received in our heart, begins to shine forth from our face. But our body awaits its redemption (Rom 8.23). This will happen at the Rapture, when Christ comes for His loved ones. Every true Christian has the blessed hope that His body too will be redeemed from sickness and death, and will be transformed into a glorious resurrected body. When that happens, it is glory – because resurrection is always associated with glory.

5.     Resurrection means Ultimate Victory. Our great enemy is Satan, and he is powerful because he has the weapon of death. But now, by Christ’s victory on the Cross, Satan has been vanquished (rendered powerless); his great weapon, death, has been taken away from him. That is why we sing with Paul: “O death where is your sting? O grave where is your victory?” 1 Cor 15.55. “Thanks be to God who has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” 1 Cor 15.57. We are more than conquerors through our Risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Rom 8.37. Hence Revelation paints a picture of Christ riding a white horse and His followers riding on white horses of victory, Rev 19.14. Similarly, the redeemed from all nations, dressed in white robes, wave the palm branches of victory, Rev 7.9. All power is with our Lord Jesus Christ, Matt 28.18. All things are under His feet,  1 Cor 15.27. He is now forever Son of Man and Son of God. Both Man and God are united in Him. And because of this ‘union’, because of Christ our Mediator, and because we are united with Him through faith and the new birth, we stand on victory ground. There is nothing to fear. Faith gives us the victory, 1 John 5.4. As we keep exercising faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we move from victory to victory. He is the Ever-Victorious One, the Lord God Omnipotent who reigns forever and ever, Rev 19.6.

These are the facts before us regarding the Resurrection. The Resurrection proves that there is another life, a glorious existence after death, reserved for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for us and rose again. He not only atoned for our sins, but He destroyed the devil, and He provided a way for us – from sin and death to grace and glory (Psalm 84.11), from this perishing world to the marvel of the millennial reign and the ultimate glory of a new heaven & new earth where righteousness dwells.

Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Redeemer of the whole world, Redeemer from sin, Satan, death and hell. By His death and resurrection (which we commemorate on Good Friday and Easter Sunday), He provided the way of salvation for all those who will humble themselves and believe in Him? Having read these two posts, will you not say, “Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Saviour of mankind. Yes, I believe in these five great facts about the Resurrection. I admit that I am a sinner. I need salvation. I need You to come into my life. I need cleansing from my sins, I need pardon, I need that wonderful justification, I need redemption. I want to be reconciled with God. I want to be a born-again child of God. Hear my prayer. Accept me, unworthy as I am. Lord Jesus, be my Saviour and my Lord. Amen!”



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