I am convinced that prayer is a burden given by God. Which is why when we try to pray of our own accord, we find it so difficult, and often our mind wanders, and sometimes we fall asleep while praying! We need to carry a burden in our hearts, and this burden is an ‘internal prayer’ or ‘praying within’.

I have so many unsettled problems in my life relating to my family, my children, myself, etc. I need to keep praying about these family issues on a regular basis. Then there is also the burden regarding the church. I realize that I am a part of the church and I need the prayers of the saints on my behalf. So I need to share my burdens with the believers and be prayed for. I have to pray for the needs of the church. I must have a concern for the church, its growth, its strength, its purity.

Then I need to pray for others. Those who are not yet saved. This is true intercession. Intercessory prayer arises out of a burden. What is this burden? It is given by the Holy Spirit.

Why do I not have a burden? Because I am allowing ‘idols’ to cloud my thinking and capture my heart. Those ‘idols’ must go; they may be various interests, pleasures, hobbies, pastimes, even friends, work, career, ambition, desires…anything that creates a barrier between me and God. I should live in the presence of God and be able to come to Him at any time. If I am truly sensitive I will realize that these idols have robbed me of God’s presence and also robbed me of true inner peace.

Burden relates to the inner man. It is a weight upon the heart which I carry as I go about. It is a cry from deep within. “Lord, help me! Help my family! Help my church! Help those I pray for! Lord, please give me a large and wide burden for the interests and purposes of God!”

©Roland N. Oliver/Tan Pratonix

About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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