The parable in Luke 15:8-10 has so much to tell us about the heart of God. In the first parable, we see the shepherd seeking the lost sheep – he was part of the flock. That speaks of our Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The second parable shows the woman seeking the lost coin – the coin was part of a wedding head-band of ten silver coins, very precious to the woman.Commentators tell us that the woman’s activity is the activity of the Holy Spirit. The third parable is about the Prodigal Son, but in reality it shows us the heart of our heavenly Father. 

Yes, dear friend, this sequence of three parables in Luke 15 clearly shows us the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Look again: The shepherd went in search of one lost sheep; it was part of a flock of a hundred sheep. The woman went in search of one lost coin; it was part of a head-band of ten silver coins. The lost son in the third parable was part of a family of two sons. So we see a progression – from 100 to 10 to 2. We are more than sheep, more than silver coins, we are human beings created in the image of God. How valuable is the human soul to God! How precious is human life!

God does not want any of us to perish. He is long-suffering. He waits for us to repent. I really wonder why our Lord keeps talking about repentance in the first two parables (lost sheep, lost coin), when neither the sheep nor the coin can repent. But perhaps we should deal with this in the next post.


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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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