This is the second of the three parables that the Lord told the Pharisees in Luke 15. It was just a small silver coin, a drachma, not having much value in itself, but very valuable to the woman who was searching for it.

It was part of a collection of ten silver coins. Perhaps they had been given to her by her husband, as part of the marriage dowry, given to the bride at her marriage. She might have strung them up as a head-band or necklace. She might have worn the jewellery she fashioned as a wedding band – no, not a wedding ring, but a head-band worn on the forehead for all to see. Surely they symbolized that she had been purchased by her husband – just as we have been purchased by God through the shed-blood of Jesus! 

How precious are we to God! We may be only small silver coins, having the value of a Greek drachma or Roman denarius, but He sees us as part of His ‘workmanship’, His ‘poema’, His ‘work of art’. We are precious to Him as that wedding head-band was precious to that woman.

How diligently she searched for it – and she did not give up till she found it. What perseverance! Sometimes I think we focus too much on ourselves! Look at the Holy Spirit working deeply in the hearts of people. The wind blows wherever it wishes. No one knows the activity of God. He is searching for souls – no, not the self-righteous Pharisees and scribes who have put themselves out of the reach of God; but the poor publicans and sinners, who have fallen and are lost in the dark and dirt of sin. 

I was once a wretched sinner, lost in sin, but He sought me – He swept diligently, He lighted a lamp, He didn’t give up…till He saved me. The picture of the woman may be confusing. For so often we think of God as a Father. But the woman symbolizes the Spirit of God, who is God Himself – the third Person of the Holy Trinity. Without the Spirit’s work, we cannot be saved.


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Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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