Psalm 23

The longest way round is the shortest way home

“I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” What could this verse have meant to David? There was no house of the Lord in David’s day; it had to wait for Solomon to be built. David was expressly forbidden to build such a house. And even if there had been one, David had no chance of living there for ever , since it was reserved for the priests and only they could enter it. What David was talking about was not some house down here on earth, but the eternal house up there in the heavens. This psalm seems to change half way through. It starts with the shepherd and the sheep; and then it changes to the pilgrim and his companion; and it ends up with the host and his guests. There is a ‘table’ and a ‘house’. Beloved, there is a time coming when travelling days will be done, then “we know that if the earthly house of our tabernacle is dissolved, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal, in the heavens”. And He is going to bring us there. Through all the ups and downs of our experience; through all the fluctuations of our love to Him; through anything and everything, He has gone on to prepare a place for you and me, and where He is, we may be also. Those who have Him as Shepherd will not want and need never fear.


About Tebeth

Christian. Born-again. Baptized. Loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Loves to testify about Christ on the Internet.
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